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Antivirus Software for Mobile Phone! Last Updated 7/6/2020.

Viruses from the desktop and laptop world have either migrated to, or are assisted in their dispersal by mobile devices. Antivirus vendors are beginning to offer solutions for mobile handsets. These devices present significant challenges for antivirus software, such as microprocessor constraints, memory constraints and new signature updates to these mobile handsets.

Top Mobile AntiVirus Software Comparisons

Below are our Top Mobile AntiVirus Software Comparisons.
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Mobile Antivirus Software
Norton Mobile Antivirus
Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security provides comprehensive security, protects users from viruses by detecting mobile threats and preventing users from accessing infected files, automatically deletes spam messages, or filters them to a separate spam folder, controls both inbound and outbound network traffic on the mobile device. The product supports devices running either Windows Mobile 5 or 6 as well as Symbian 9 smartphones from one product.

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