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Norton Antivirus Review
Norton AntiVirus
Norton AntiVirus

Norton AntiVirus Software 2015 is by far the most well known anti-virus software, so if you are looking for a name brand you've found it.

Installation is pretty straightforward and does not take too much time. Norton AntiVirus 2015 takes close to 300MB of your hard drive which is considerably more than most of its competitors, however Symantec claims better responsiveness, quicker boot times and shorter scan times. Norton AntiVirus 2015 only runs on Windows XP,Vista and Windows 7.

The new interface is not at all that impressive. Then again it is extremely well designed. The main screen provides you with access to the program's basic and most commonly used features. It is essentially broken down into two main tabs: Protection Center and Norton Anti-Virus. Symantec limits the user’s ability to customize or modify most of the settings as most of the features can be either “enabled” or “disabled”, and others as “Turn on Advanced Mode” are not explained at all.

Norton AntiVirus Software 2015 includes three main feature categories: Threat Detection, Safe Communication, and On-Going Protection. Also new is Browser Defender – it identifies signatures of known Internet Explorer browser vulnerabilities and will block any Symantec-known exploits. Problem is that Browser Defender doesn't work for other browsers than Internet Explorer, like Firefox or Opera. Another downside is that while Norton AntiVirus 2015 keeps malware sent via IM from infecting your PC it doesn't support the most recent instant messengers.

Symantec may not be offering the fastest AntiVirus product but there is a pleasant surprise to be found in the much shorter scan times.

There are a number of options available in the Help & Support section of the application, ranging from product manuals and online support articles to a searchable knowledge base. There's also free chat, free e-mail, and telephone service.

Norton AntiVirus Software 2015 is reasonably priced, reliable and well supported. Despite the lowered scan times and all-around processing times its still quite resource demanding and slower than most of its competitors.

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